Last Quokka DieBack mp3

Last Quokka DieBack mp3


Describing themselves as "anti-fascist, pro-feminist, queer positive proto-punk from the most isolated city on the planet", Last Quokka have earned a reputation as a high-energy and passionate act in WA, relentlessly playing shows, touring and dropping tunes. In August of 2016 the band released their debut EP, receiving appraisal nationwide and now their debut LP 'Dieback' is being released Stock Records.

With songs ranging from falling in love while diving the Ningaloo reef and blowing up letterboxes in the northern suburbs to poignant critiques of the 'justice system' and taking responsibility for your actions, 'DIEBACK' has a little sumthin sumthin for everyone.

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1. Night Run

2. Consuming Fucking

3. Ningaloo

4. Responsibility

5. Glass Prison

6. Middle Class Kid

7. Fractured Words

8. Revolving Doors

9. Walking

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