Doublethink Prism

An intensely visceral sonic exploration from producer Alyian (Steven Aaron
Hughes – Usurper of Modern Medicine / Injured Ninja / Camp Doogs) and spoken
word artist Splodge (Marcus John) - the prism is the combination of two minds

born from contrasting disciplines: Brutally cerebral poetry versus industrial punk-
aesthetic analog electronica.

After first meeting and collaborating in 2016 with debut mixtape ‘Negro Tetris’ in
which John’s exiting poems were edited over the sample-laden beats crafted by
Hughes - Doublethink Prism made it’s live debut at Camp Doogs 2016 before
playing Southbound Festival and touring to East Coast Australia in early 2017.

Channeling the brutal production sounds of Death Grips with the British truth-
bomb lyric stylings of Sleaford Mods the duo quickly tuned many listeners in to

their intense and unique sound.
In 2017, Doublethink returned to the studio to create their first truly original work,
co-writing the lyrics, incorporating new analog synthesisers and fully realising
their debut full length to be dubbed ‘A Prism Inside Your Pregnant Mind.’


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