About Us

Stock Records is a socially conscious, collectively run record label and community project built on the principles of freedom, cooperation and openness.

We are truly democratic, there are no chiefs in our collective, yet we maintain our autonomy through consensus without hierarchy.

We want to reclaim our spaces by hosting sick parties with some of the best bands in the country. We'll see you there.




Email admin@stockrecords.org


Stock Records Charter of Principles


Stock Records aims to provoke, educate and inspire.
Stock Records promotes creativity as a means to transform ourselves, our communities and society.
Stock Records supports community organisation and direct action.
Stock Records believes in solidarity, justice, openness, equality and freedom.
In Stock Records all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality and age are valued equally.
Stock Records is an autonomous project that operates on consensus and without hierarchy.
Stock Records seeks input from the community.
Stock Records promotes and releases artists that share these principles and values.